Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poorva Bhadrapada: Jupiter's muse

Well during my absence a person named Rajeev has read the blog and has nice things to say. I want to thank you Rajeev for taking time out to read blog and further writing nice comment. As per your request I am writing about Poorva bhadrapada today.

Poorva bhadrapada ia located as 3parts in aquarius+1part in pisces. Poorva bhadrapada astronomically is called M 73 helix(round portion behind) and two prominant stars named delta aquarii and gama piscii. Poorva bhadrapada first 3 parts are very different from the last part of it. Poorva bhadrapadas ruler is the huge Jupiter. PB(poorva bhadrapada) is part of what is called poorva triad ( Trini poorva) which included Poorva, Poorva ashadha and bhadrapada. All poorvas share many properties and so are grouped together. Further PB is part of Jupiters traid of Punarvasu-Vishakha-Poorva Bhadrapada. We will talk later about differences between PB and its jupiter sisters.
PB in Kumbh has no major stars and so is not capable of giving what is called "taratmak" results.
PB first 3 parts born people are moderate looking, generally they look good for about 20years of life then their beauty starts degrading very fast. As children they are very attractive. Saturn makes his presence felt sure. Regardless of lagna and planet in lagna this part is true. PB people are very intelligent. Kumbh being the most important intelligence showing sign(mithun and tula are also intelligence showing) PB in poorva shows intelligence of highest quality in whole raashi chakra. People are very scientifically inclined and show great deal of interest in "how things work" and "what will happen if". Kumbh PB is not as god finitive as Meen PB. PB in kumbh is the perfect combination of intelligence(Jupiter)+persistence(Saturn). Most scientist, intellectuals, philosophers are born in these parts of PB.
PB people are not cunning at all. All that intelligence is never used to teach someone a lesson. Saturn induces a sense of laxity and a sense of laziness in them. They are very lazy when it comes to daily chores like cooking, cleaning and household things. They are a par above the general mundane public. Don't like gossips and prefer intellectual chats. Thing to be seen is this intelligence is very different from mercury's intelligence. Mercury is this witty person making jokes about very serious things, while PB is the person who is giving lecture on the same.
PB is not stylish at all. They are fashion disasters. Ruled by planets like Saturn and Jupiter entire PB is horrible when it comes to fashion or make up sense. Wear any clothes. I have noticed they prefer black-and-white clothes very less colours.
PB-4 ie part in meen is very religious as opposed to first 3 PB parts. Jupiter-Jupiter combination makes them extremely old narrow minded thinking.They are opposed to modernity and cling to their vedas and dusty old books. Very stubborn people wont budge but also same time cant fight for their beliefs. A Jupiter overdose makes PB-4 a relic of past gone by

They are not very popular people. They live in a group of similar people to them. Here the difference between PB and Jupiter's other nakshatra come into picture. Vishakha shows Jupiter's brilliant intelligent but lack the sustenance and the persistence provided by Saturn. Vishakha is popular PB is not. Vishakha is talkative Pb is loner wont talk much. Punarvasu is very different altogether. Very religious and pious its not much into research as PB is. Its rather in to teaching. so Jupiter has 3 different wives to control. Out of these Jupiter treats vishakha with contempt,punarvasu with awe and PB with pleasure. So PB is Jupiter's favorite nakshtra. Poorva Bhadrapada is Jupiter's muse


Rajeev said...
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Rajeev said...

Thats a good article.Thanks for considering my request.I have a doubt regarding the appearance part though.What if the lagna is aspected /conjoined by Jupiter /Venus /Strong moon or all of these or if it falls in tamra pada?
Also isn't Uttarabhadra similar or complimentary to Purvabhadra being owned by Saturn and belonging to Jove's house?

You must have correctly guessed me to be a Purvabhadra native(Kumbha) being particularly inquisitive about the nakshatra.

Wonder where you got astronomical information regarding constituent stars in various nakshatras and their astrological significance.

Ashu said...

hey vibhava gr88 article ... u hav explained nicely the effects of all three nakashatras .. !!!
well but I hav a doubt about the appereance wala thing as my jupiter is in PB charan 3 but din't effect my luks as u mentioned .... may be I still hav to get the experience ... !!!

nice post .... keep it up .. !!!

Vijay said...

Hi Vaibhav

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Anonymous said...

Very well written and correct to the dot. I can attest to the part about poorva bhadrapada in aquarius; I have my moon here!