Saturday, June 21, 2008

Life is fair??

Well I was on one or astro communities about an hour ago and just lectured an old man about how life is fiar and joy and happiness. Well the old dud(e) was like so unhappy. He lives in some swanky sub urbania in US ,owns great cars and has a plush house. I do know money is not evrything but you gotto be kidding me? How can not you be happy when you have all that? Well then is problem was that all his relatives look at him like a cash cow, they dont love him really they love his cash. Hmm so then i thought that is life really fair to all?? I dont know and am very apprenhensive that I ll know it someday. Hmm hope so one day I am 93yrs old sitting in a high tech chair(dunno what chairs we ll have then) and thinking about this and getting an answer. So till then I have to wait for the moment.
Hmm I am almost finished with Uttara bhadrapada study will write it tomorrow. Enjoy song. Sound of music, the very essence of optimism

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