Sunday, June 8, 2008

Small break.....

I am starting my final engineering papers from tomorrow, so wont be writting blog for about a week. I ll be back on 17th on june. Well lets hope these last papers are good and no problem arises with them. Till then goodbye and take care, see you all soon.
Hmm leaving with a song, a very old song. The lady in this song is the famous comedienne the late Tun Tun. This was before she became uncontrollable fat and was in to comedy. She used to sing and under the name "Uma devi". She really has a great voice, shes singing for herself in this song.
Heres tun tun aka uma devi singing the very nostalgic "Afsana likh rahi hoon" film is "dard" circa 1948. Enjoy the time that was 1940's

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