Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Useless Day

Well todays day was like it was not there at all. The day didnt make any difference to the situation. I was home throughout the day. In the evening went to hill stroll with DD. Later my brother-in-law to be came so just spent some somewith him and later talking about him.
Hmm about the scene with GP. GP did not sent me any message today. I didnt even. Tomorrow its very difficult I can meet him so its upto day after tomorrow. If GP has decided its the beginning of the end then so be it, I have no problem with that. Lets hope that whatever happens happens for good. I have vrischik lagna and vrushabh rashi, both being fixed signs I tend to maintain a harmonious status quo around me. I hate abrupt changes but I will restrain myself if the situation demands. Ball is in his court now, I have raquette raised and will deliver appropriate blow to the ball.
About another topic, farewell. I finally have decided to go to the farewell. firstly I am confident there will be no tear works there. My clasmates are working so hard to make that farewell happen that I am feeling the moral responsiblity that atleast I can do is attend it. So I am going for it. Its on 25th april so posts may differ.

Leaving you with a song, a bit sad but true.

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