Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hmm Morning is the delight the nature bestows on humankind!!! Well cheerful enough as I am in mid morning I must make ammends to blog. As an astrologer you have to respect privacy of people, so its very rare that I ll put peoples names in blog post. hmm this knowledge is not the crop of my fertile brain but rather a suggestion by friend. So names not allowed here, unless I get permission to write them here.
Scraps are pouring in, people are sending freinds requests too. You know I accept most of them because I just want more number of friends on my account. hahaha. People have like 500 friends and I have a paltry 70 to show. So in bid to increase my false popularity i am doing this. Hmm thing we do to create illusions are very strange. People apply colour, people smile like every day it their birthday, sweet talk with all and the sundry. Well I do my thing to make me more humanity friendly. I guess everyone likes huge list of friends, even if the list contains total strangers.
so I am getting scraps by person lately, who seems in desperate bid to prove that her chart is very good. She is digging out all sort of ancient formulas to prove that she has a valiant future.
Personally I dont actually believe in ancient books that preach astrology. All results are erratic, "You will be a king" else "You will be a beggar" arre there are many stratas between monarchs and paupers. So I generally accept but dont relly on ancient scriptures. Personally i think only "Phaldeepika" is worth the attempt to read obsolete sanskrit. hmm getting back to desperate chart inprover. People say incomplete knowledge is bad, I am getting the practical implementation with this person.
Maybe posting in evening again about the day. For now i am going to enjoy morning. Bye

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