Monday, April 28, 2008

Contrapositivity of the situation

Well todays day had two sides. Both bleak opposites of each others. Even peoples behavior had a contrapositivity attached to affirmative actions. Some times people behave like so nicely next day turn vicious. Well I had one of my supernatural visions today,cant describe it whole (It will invade in to privacy of a friend). Well I dont want to endure such para normality my whole life. In world where paranormal is worshipped I crave for normality. But still fate doesnt change by wish does it?
I have not got reply from mad ayurvedic quack yet. I am waiting what analysis he does on my chart, in his old ancient text book way. Lets hope he configures me alright. So no astro activity at al today. I was home all day and in evening went to eat outside with DD and GP. hmm days are getting bore, now planning to start studing from tomorrow.

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