Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Karun Kahani

Well today I ll write about Karun first then my day. Flashback to january 2008. I was online and karun's friend asked me to see his chart. I was quite amazed by chart. Verry good chart. 4 planets are highly placed. Story goes as
Karun was in relationship with a girl(lets call her M). She later left him for her best friend. Karun lives in delhi, karun actually went to Calcutta to meet her and convince her of his love. Still she rejected him. Karun was asking me if he could get her back, he was willing to do anything. Now the astrological part of this story. Before karun met M he was this cocky,"i-can-get-any-girl" type of dude. Well as most people know Saturn doesnt like boasting. So karun started sade sati and M came into his life, after time she left him. I think this was effect of sade sathi and nothing else. Rahu dasha for girl prompted her in to this relationship. The end was disasterous. Saturn had created total havoc for karun. Karun was almost a fallen hero,he couldnt think of anything else. Well the Dark Lord finally saw that karun is no longer the cocky person he was. So slowly he recovered. It was in this recovery stage that I met him on net. We used to talk, I told him to get over M. I explained to him that Saturn uses everyone as pawns to manipulate and control the situation. With time Karun has shown remarkable improvement. If you had met him in jan and meet him now you would see how much change he has gone through. Well Karuns chart indicates a very high fame and money yog. He will one day become famous and well known. I think it was the test Saturn put him through. Like gold has to be tempered in very hot furnace before being converted in to the valuable it is. Like wise Karun has been put through the furnace of time sot hat he can be the well known person he is going to be. Karun has now regained control of his life and livning it fullest. Earlier post about him tells all. I who was sent by Saturn to help him realize the situation and open his mind will remain a distant memory of hope. He has very different way than mine. As karuns progresses and climbs the ladder of fame I ll sit back, see,smile and say "Thats my friend".

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karun said...

Words are not enough to thank you, for helping me to cross the road.