Friday, April 25, 2008

Request to planets:Plz slow down

Planets are moving like crazy and with it my life is moving at pace unparalled. Ok lets start. After my submission I hoped that my life will slow down and I ll be relaxing through the rest of time till practical exam, but planets had a different view on this. My life is all fast and jumbled up. I went for a photo session today and came to know that my friends had arranged an informal farewell party. I decided to be a part of it because for starters it was named as a get together and not a farewell. Soon I realized the verity value of my decision, no one even appeared to be sad, ecery one was happy and enjoying last moments with their friends. So in general the party was success. I came home at 10pm and immediately got a visit from GP. GP did try to convince me that he still is the same person lets see what time tells.
Well I am suddenly having a social life, I am not used to having such large amount of friends. I have always been a loner kind of guy. Now suddenly I have a lorry full of friends, I am running out of time. Recently I have been running low on time for astro too. yeah that reminds me lets talk about it for awhile.
Yesterday saw a chart with sun conjunction saturn conjunction jupiter and all this in kanya lagna.
It is going to take a lot of study to unravel the chart will keep you updated about this chart situation.
Well I had gone to drink cold coffee at night with GP where I heard this song so just putting it on. I love old classics like this. For a change no moral fromt his song. Just enjoy the song.

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jungli !! said...

let te time pass as soon and as early as possible... as new and better time is waiting for u which will bring lots of happiness in ur life.... :)