Monday, April 21, 2008

Life as I see it.

I am writing first post here, second will be about KV. First something about me and Life as I see it. This thougth was provoked by GP and DD. GP was home today and bored me with all car stuff. I mean he watches and likes verry expensive cars. I mean you can sell ur family(both immediate and extended) to some veitnamese slave lord still wont be able to procure such kind of money.But I was not innocent person today, I too troubled him a bit. I put on horrible songs and lambasted his cars, it was fun. Today night rather as i write, GP and DD are with their college friends. hmm information for people:GP and DD go to a college that is close to my home but incidently I go to a college far away. If you consider status wise GP, DD surely have an upper hand. When they were planning to go, each of them separately asked me if I would come?In mind all 3 knew I would not and should not. GP, DD never have treated me any inferior but I cannot say that of their friends. Earlier I used to get angry, frustrated but I was young. Time has induced me with a wisdom so vast that those friends would never dream of. I pity them now. What status are you talking about dude? Do you know what is going to happen in 10yrs?? A slight move by saturn can totally change your world, happiness can sublimate within seconds and sorrow percolate in micro seconds. This knowledge is the shield that repels away bad thoughts and is the greatest gift the time has given me. Now when i see a person boasting about something, I smile. So I have a new outlook towards life. I have learned to squeeze life for joy and extract the last drop of happiness from situation. I live in the second, for the second and with the second of time. Further astrology has given me the power of divination, I know what lies ahead. I know when to expect the unexpected. Thus I have greatly improved in years. GP and DD are going out with the friends group they had in first year(4 yrs ago). I bet as they meet for last time everybody will see how different everyone has fared. Some passed some failed, everyone had their own fate. 4yrs changes a lot including the so-called-status. So now I look behind and see what idiot I was to consider myself less. Well i go ahead with the serenity and peacefulness that few have known. What most people dont find their whole life I have got at the threshhold of fate. I thank my fate and planets for this.
Life as I know it, is beautiful, is kind and most importantly verry fair.
The song is perfect for the occasion,Lyrics speak all I want to say. I experience this every day

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jungli !! said...

The best of the information u posted today was>> "A remote change in "SATURN" can change your entire life"

Who else can know this better than I DO ... !!