Sunday, April 27, 2008

Waiting for directions from fate

Hmm sunday was day to enjoy. I enjoyed myself a lot today. After an extremely lazy start to the day, I went to visit my cousins. My cousins and I get along like a house on fire. We had really good time. I had a nice tiem with my grand parents too. I saw photographs of my grandparents wedding, it was like 1950 when they got married. Photographs looked so different like a completely new person a total stranger to what my grandparents are today. Nice time spent I must say. Later me my sister and my cousins went to macdonalds for some food. Came home and messaged GP. Then spent rest of night with GP. We talked about our future plans. GP is still confused about his life. He has not found the essence of his exsistance, like why is he on this earth. hmm well he will eventually, still he doesnt seem like a run-of-mill person looking after money and only money. GP and I have sort of patched up after the tiff. Lets hope this arrangement works for long time.
The mad ayurvedic physician added me for the 3rd time, this time I had to accept. The person literally praises me like anything. All of which I dont deserve. Anyway I have given him my details lets see what vidwan pandit finds out through my chart. May be some useless yog. Haha.
As of today I see myself happy as always I wanted to be. I can say till now I have lived life I always dreamt of. A little less little more but core emotions were all same. What I am feeling now is a sense of calmness, peace and serenity that I am always blessed with. I beg lord to continue these out-of-the-world blessings

I have given songs for many people now. This one is for GP, Its a song he loved, it was aquired taste though haha. Since today was a retro day song is retro too. Enjoy this classic

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