Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bonanza fizzles off.

Venus is ending her term in meen rashi. Venus is now in revati nakshtra. Venus's bonanza is ending, dark times are coming. Venus will go into her enemies sign ie mesh on 25th and then later the planet of love will set on the eastern sky. Venus setting or "shukrast" is a mourning period for love and peace. Venus will remain imcompetent for about 2 months. So this is the last time of plenty, soon gloom is coming for love and beauty and humanity.
Another incident happened yeaterday that of I came to know today afternoon. My friend and project partner KB proposed to SP. KB was all candid about his affinity and adoration for SP. He told me all in afternoon while we were having doing nothing at a restaurant. Kb asked SP what relationship she had with the boy which we call her boyfriend. SP is a perfect diplomat her answer was "I dont want to justify my relationship with .... to you". Woah now thats brainy isnt it? Later ofcourse SP didnt accept Kb's proposal. KB is cool about it. He already knew it was a difficult one. KB trusts me with all his information. So I too was not surprised by rejection,rather I would have been surprised if SP had accepted it. KB is a very jolly person, but he has dark sides too. Kb takes everything lightly, he thinks the world is one big party. For starters this philosophy sounds so uber social chic and jolly, but the depths hide the immense immaturity and non acceptance of present situation. I am writing honestly here, I was not in favour of this relationship much. I gave KB all support and a shoulder to cry on but in my heart I always thought SP deserves better. How much KB inflates he cannot match the caliber required to compliment SP. I dont know if my thinking was right,may be it was wrong but I did feel that way. Perhaps this feeling was a result of me insisting KB to stop drinking and smoking and his non complaince to my suggestion. I personally dont like people who drink till they get "drunk". KB explains this as "We are partying", man this is the worst way to party. Further worse than drinking is smoking. Kb does both and I detest him for it. I hav told this on his face. Well KB didnt tell me reasons that SP gave for the rejection, those are SP's secrets. Anyway thus ends the odessey of KB. Good thing is that Kb is taking this in right spirit and is not sad about it. Because however he may be KB is my close friend and I woud never want him to be sad. I have seen KB's chart and had told him last year that SP is not the one for you. Officially the thing got over now. Life is new now.

Here's to KB.Better Luck next time

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