Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day of energy loss

Well moon moving through Vishakha was not particularily good for me. Day started of as most of my days start today at 9 30 am. I watched the daily astro predictions and read panchang for today. Well then the drain began. My project leader summoned me to college. I was not at all interested in driving 10kms to do some project work. but he changed his tone and started using sarcastic language so just said "OK". I dont anyone to say that I didnt do anything for the project. So dragged myself through the immense sun to college. Well then after some pleasantaries, all of us decided to go to our project guides office. Off then in sun I go. And what a pleasantly horrible surprise guide was not there. Now leader gets a call, and he says "lets go back". We are like huh?? what just happened?? Finally we revolt and decide to go to a restaurant near by. Leader goes his way. So its 3 of us. Me KB and SP(KB is a jolly character, SP i have told earlier is only girl in our group and she loves gossiping). We spend 2 hours talking and eating and just quite enjoyed ourselves. Leaders thougth was lost quickly and we like made ourselves comfortable with food, drink and nice wind. Later SP had a class to attend and we had our things so we parted at 5 pm. Now begins the bad part. I sms GP to come with us(Me and DD) on small nearby hill. I and DD go regularily to the hill for fresh air and some excercise. so just wanted GP to come with us. GP sents rude reply "no". GP is very odd person. He sometimes does the most selfless acts and sometimes behaves like most selfish person on earth. anyway I am quite distraught with this behavior. I am not going to my self planning to meet him now. I always make time and room for GP. I understand study and things but the reasons he gives are simply unacceptable. I sometimes think that I have made a mistake by granting "special" friend status to GP. Does GP deserve my attention?? Do I deserve to be treated like this?? and by GP?? Well I dont know these answers.More questions have emerged from the live carcasses of these ones. Does GP thinks the same way I think for him? GP has 1000 friends so what priority I hold there? I am sure of DD, but in the strong walls of friendship cracks are plenty from GPs side.
Only time can tell, and it will tell. Well if it turns out that GP doesnt think of me specially I will sure get a lesson. I will still maintain friendship with him. Elizabeth I granted life to the person who deceived her and plotted to kill her, she said "I always want to see what to avoid in future". I ll do the same. Bye

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