Friday, April 18, 2008

Astro Day!!!!!!!

Before today lets recap yesterday because events happened after I wrote the post. Hmm after the blog post I and GP had a SMS fight, and i overdid it a tad bit. I just sent a deplorable and plain hedious message to him. It was sure a stroke below belt. I was feeling guilty but I am not good at apologising. Usually i never apologise to anyone, but at same time was feeling bad so what to do? hmm well you can say I have a bad trait I just dont accept my mistakes or take blame for my follies. So finally i reached a solution I asked him to come to my house today and I would give him an astro reading. He came today, that part i ll tell later first a chart i saw yesterday
Yesterday night a person messaged me on orkut asking me to read for him. I was already distraught yesterday but still manged to feed the details in to software and then............ The chart was very interesting. Many conjucntions in it. Saturn and mars opposite moon, sun mercury ,I am still studing it, but I feel good I saw it. Rest of the night was spent analysing the chart. Usually I prefer to chat with people with extra ordinary charts but I doubt i would be able to extract information from this one. So the day ended for me 3 o clock in the night.
Morning was late as expected, anyway today was holiday so no one (including me) cared when I got up. I still had the guilt hang over from yesterday night, immediately smsed GP and asked him to come in afternoon. I had another friend coming for same astro reading, but i adjusted him and made room for GP, guilt made me do it.(Any way i didnt dump the other friend just sent him packing early).I was apprehensive about GP coming, GP is very weird he avoids being alone with me, except when he has private talk to talk otherwise he always uses DD(My other friend, he completes the trinity...) as a shield or buffer. Anyway he did land up at my doorsteps. So after light talk we straight went to chart, GP has quite a impressive chart. It may not be rajyopgkari but has good chart. So all the questions anwered. Then he had to leave for class. But this time when he left I didnt see him hasting or getting away. Again as I said earlier its very difficult to understand him.
Later got a call from SP(SP is my project partner, she is a girl and already has a boyfriend hehe)
Then we spent the hour gossiping and teasing other people from college(My favorite past time and incidently SPs too).
Now planning to watch a movie or something. No more chart today

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saikiran said...

Hi Vaibhav, your blog is very and which u explained abt swathi nakshatra is ture. i just want to ask you that can u read birth chart of others. Please let me know if yes