Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day 1: Energy draining day

Right now i am realizing that how many people are not happy with there lives. I get many requests to see when some event will occur or when will they get a material thing. Agreed everyone doesnt get all they want but it doenst mean that you just loose heart. Hmm let it be.
Desperation driving people to limits. All of sudden world seems such a bad place with everyone in misery. hmm anyway so about the day. Before that you ll need to be aquainted with few characters. 1)GP(request granted,anonymity): My very good friend and my guinea pig, all my astro experiments were first carried out on his chart. He believes in whatever I say. haha. Strange person. Moon in libra. Nobody can sense what exactly he is feeling right now. hehe. so ideal volunteer for astro and social experiments.
In the course you will get aquainted with other characters that play a part in my life. Bt the way I live in city of Pune in maharashtra India. City is major character itself, how you will come to know later.
Day was not exactly astro day. Submission are going on and i was in hurry to finish off the thing as fast as I can. I am doing this for 8th time and last time. I m feeling a bit missed out after finishing it. When you are regularily beaten and all of sudden someone tells you "no beating from tomorrow" it feels odd. Now not exactly happy not exactly sad. So all day was spent doing the thing and getting it checked.
I looked at a chart of a woman who just had a baby and wanted to go back to work. Shani dasha in final stages shani in 5th now how the hell will she get a job. So i had to tell her "look this time fate has reserved for you to take care of your baby" lady khush. Dasha change will definately bring bright light but its in jan 2009 so time for that. Anyways good work I must pat myself on my back not for prediction but the way i put it in. hehehe. hmm thats for now i suppose see you tomorrow.Byw

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