Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rest Unlimited

Well I am having preparation leave now so sort of vacation. I am doing nothing. Looks like planets accepted my request to slow down, hehe. I am having total rest these days. Much needed rest. I am home all day eat a lot and watch TV or i am constantly online. Study takes some time too. I have to analyse that saturn,jupiter and sun chart again, lets see maybe tomorrow. Its going to take a lot of time to do that though.
My sister and her fiancee like talk so seriously about their future and career. I am getting a whimp that I should try to be more serious about my future too. But you know I just cant get serious enough. Its sort of I know that this is going to happen. I some times am afraid of my confidence that this is my future. What if it doesnt happen so?? What will happen then. One thing is sure,whatever happens to me in future I will know that it is because of me. I take all decisions in my life and I ll be happy that good or bad things are a result of my decisions. Nowadays even my parents dont interfere with my stuff a lot. There is a occasional "study" thing but its like they also have confidence in me. I spend most of time outside with friends or just dont study enough, but they are cool about it. See even when I was going through bad phase in life all things ater have turned out to be good for me. It was bad at that time but now when i see it it seems that these things have had important part in moulding my life. so even today is some bad thing happens I know that its for some good later. Especially since I have started rahu mahadasha I have experienced altogether extra ordinary things in my life. Things that would stand short of being called miracles and things that would stand short of being called disasters.
All bad things are culminated into something sort of good. Rahu is harsh judge. If you do something bad you can surely expect to be reprimanded but at same time be sure that you ll be rewarded for all good acts.
I have said many times in blog before I have got the gift that very few people have been given. I have been blessed with peace of mind. Peace,calmness and serenity beyond recognition. Most people my age are busy finding what to do in life, while I am watching my life like a movie being seen second time. I know all twists and turns and know climax as well. Its a feeling that cannot be described in words you have to be a 21yr old astrologer to experience it.

I cant claim that I have seen the world but I know that for me its beautiful thing. Song says that.In a bleak dark world it is the epitome of optimism. I like it for its cheerful attitude

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