Saturday, April 19, 2008

Activity filled day

Well todays blog is going to be very long cause I did many things today, important from astro and non astro point of veiw. So lets get cracking one by one
Firstly last night I got this scrap
"thanks 2 geting in trst in my h oro by d parasari & katway d position of moon n mars make a viprit rajyoga n othe hand im moon chart d exchange of 1st n 7th lord maks comfort by many wives and here 12th house also included in natal chart wat u say abt my meeried life .in nat chart 1st lord is in own nakshatra n 7th lord has same condition .in d9 moon is vergittam in 7th house 10th lord in 9H N 9Lis badhkesh (kalidas) wat 2 do me profesionaly an astrologer or a physician"
Now what does a person understand, anyway I am very bored by people trying to prove that they have exemplory bright future. If you are confident then why ask me?? See this person works as a ayurvedic practioner, I dont know if he has proper degree or is just a quack. But I can say he is not a very well known doctor. He has a retrograde mercury combust!!! Well now he says he has been blessed with a Rajyog. Now if packing smelly stuff in paper bags is rajyog then I am emperor of the world. :) I have much to talk today i ll write about this stuff and give updates on this churan character
Secondly, Now this is short thing. I officially finished college today. Oficially finished submissions and was granted preparation leave. So it bye bye college. I am still in two minds about farewell party. I have not made up my mind about going/avoiding it. See I have absolutely no emotion about leaving college. I am neither sad nor galliantly happy. For past 2 farewells I have expereinced people getting sad and all gloomy, some saturn aspected moon people even start flowing their tears(Some insipid nakshatra are at forefront of this fiasco "uttara bhadrapada", "pushya" and "punarvasu" are the queens of tear ceremonies). I am the opposite. I just do not get unhappy. Its very difficult in such situations, everyone is busy being sad and you are unusually cheerful!!!! So I am planning to skip this weird feeling and the farewell too.
Third thing, Today while I was busy orchestrating a perfect submission on my phone(My henchmen being my project partners who succesfully completed my submission), I got an unexpected message "Are u free today?" and sender was even more unexpected, "GP"!!!!! Now he met me yesterday itself, GP has sooooo many friends so certainly it was not that he didnt have options. So in afternoon came marching GP. Now its evident that I dont talk much about my third friend DD that much, but believe me he is also impotant in my life. Just that he is quite busy these days to we dont meet. Btw I did get 3 calls from DD too. So GP comes home, and we just pass time like it was some free commodity. Internet he read my blog too, in front of me. No astro thing going today though. Then I dont know what happened to him. He jus opened orkut and started writting a post. Goooooooood loooooooord, he was writting something abut cars, and he took 1 hour to wite it. I was listening to songs. I finished all songs on my cellphone. See I usually get verrrry bored ar such time, but I must admit I was amazingly cool. Dont know what it was but GP was talking and soemthing even i cant comprehend. Later he went, he had class to atttend. Meanwhile he did get calls inviting him somewhere but he avoided them all, I liked that part though. hehehe. Later too he was quite reluctant to leave.... wonder whats going on GP is new man. hehehe. We did call DD but DD was busy playing games.
Fourth part and last part. I was looking for muhurats today, well found good ones and was quite an excercise. Later in day mom came up with a chart, her friends. She has had a very rough life and mom wanted to see if that could be explained through her chart. Well lady had shani in dhanu mool in 12th for makar lagna. Further moon in mitun ardra, needless to say shani dasha, antar dasha was verry bad. I am waiting for another chart from same family, lady's son. Lets hope I get it then I ll talk about it.
So my day filled with activities. Actually I am loving my life these days. I know I dont have a very good life but I love it. Hehehehe. Good night

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