Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cinema's childhood memories

Hmm today writing about my second hobby after astrology ie cinema appreciation. I have always liked old movies due to their "arty" status. The movies between 1937-1960 are the best movies only paralleled by the art movies of the 1980's.
Lets see a historical background in which these movies were made after 1945. Second world war had just ended bringing optimism back to world, conservativeness had also made a comeback after "who-knows-what-happens-tomorrow" psyche of the world world. In 1947 India became a nascent state fueling a further boost of optimism. Communism was not that aggressive and Britain was still considered a super power with its various colonies. The era reeked with excitement for the happy future. Few films were made and films were a piece of art not a commercial venture with publicity billboards and cheap antics to draw attention. Even music was divine. Singers in pre 1960's era had distinctive songs to their credentials. Noorjahen was known for "jawan hain mohobbat", uma devi for "afsana likh raheen hoon". What is lata mangeshkar known for?? 1 million songs but not one song has a stamp of immortality associated with lata. I best like Shamshad begum and noorjehan. Unfortunately Noorjehan decided to leave for pakistan in 1947 but Shamshad begum did give playback to CID songs which are still the classic of Indian cinema. The era was childhood of Indian cinema, like most childhoods it has best memories, lets hear another blast from past a song from CID.

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