Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Hmm its been time I wrote an astro article so writing one now.

Discovered by Herchelle so sometimes also called as "Herchelle". Uranus is the most different planet in the entire solar system. Astronomically Uranus is very different too its axis is titled at near 180 degrees so it appears to roll in the space as against most planets which move gracefully.
Further Uranus has no fixed orbit!!!!! It is so influenced by Saturn and Neptune that it changes its orbit lot of times. We can never predict accurately Uranus's position in space at a given moment. Uranus is mostly made up of gas and is very cold planet
Hmm now lets switch to the astrological part. Astrologically Uranus is known for its unpredictability, eccentricity and extreme para-normality. Just "URANUS IS NEVER NORMAL". Uranus is constantly looking for new horizons to see new things to learn. Uranus is the extremism in person, Uranus is genius or super dumb but never average.
If mars is sword Uranus is bomb
If Venus is poem Uranus is sensational ballad
If jupiter is PHd thesis Uranus is ripple causing research paper
If mercury is excellent oratorship Uranus is the power to control millions through speeches
If saturn is slow death Uranus is sudden uncontrolled death
Basically Uranus is extra polation of normalism in any field of application.
Mars is the warrior who will go on battle field with vigour Uranus is the mad scientist who can create weapons which kills 1000 soldiers in a blink
If Venus is the poet who writes " You are love my dear" Uranus is the poet which writes "Love actually is You"
If mercury is the wave that lashes at shore, Uranus is the storm that changes the shore for ever.
Extremely powerful planet Uranus needs to be studied in accordance with other planets and the degrees it makes wioth other planets
Trines with planets enhances their effect multi folds eg if mercury makes trine with Uranus then person is genius (Einstein has this)
90 deg,180 deg can create disasters for fast planets like venus, moon, mercury.
!80 degrees with venus indicate a sure shot troubled married life marred with dramatic situations. Extreme drama is also a sign of uranus influence.
Hmm I ll write more on uranus tomorrow


masquerade said...

I like the superlatives you describe Uranus with!

Sameer Lomte said...
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Anonymous said...

When looking at the hindu astrology chart, how do you use uranus transits? Is uranus currently in aries or pisces between March 2011 - May 2018 transit.