Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun day

I had to supervise some plumbing work in my terrace today. Well I was not doing anything just overlooking what the plumbers were doing. I was all excited about watching what those people did and their tools and instruments etc. Well after 15Min's I had seen all new things and but expectedly got bored. I always get bored within 15-30min of absolutely anything. so started looking here and there from my terrace. Then I saw the Coconut trees in our garden. Huge straight trees with foliage at the top within coconuts hanging through the unique leaves.

My father has planted these trees when he was a teenager under the guidance of my grandparents. These are many other trees in my garden but these are special. Its almost like they have a personality and behave independent of us. So I had quite a time pass looking at trees than looking at those mundane plumbers. I only liked a new "threading" machine they had brought with them. It is such a pain-in-ass to do threads manually, I have done in workshop in first year of engineering. Their threading tools were awesome liked them a lot.

Some shots of the coconut trees for everyone to see. I suggest you click on second picture to see how wonderful the tree is really. My camera phone is quite effecient so got big images.

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