Saturday, July 12, 2008

Crackpot TV

Hmm I had a quite nice day today. Inspite of the horrible cold i am suffering from the day was a enjoyable one. I went to meet my project partner Friends and so had nice time with them. Hmm I had a sort of argument with a new entrance in community called "TV lakshmanan". He is 46yrs old and complete crack pot, he is like so idiotic in his mannerism. He is forcing his views on us. Describe chart like this, don't use these planets, Uranus , Neptune, Pluto are not useful. Well just because the 2000yr old astro books don't describe them that doesn't make them not there. Well at that time rishis didn't had telescope and so couldn't see Uranus and other planets but now we know of their existence and so its quite logical that we use them.
Just because its a western discovery doesn't make it shit, people like this TV are regressive in thought and so they are dragging astrology back to ages where there were no planets beyond Saturn. Hope the upcoming generation of astrologers recognise their importance and use them in their predictions. That will be the biggest slap someone can give to this TV.

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