Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cushions Up

Many new age cars have a facility that in event of an accident the car pushes air bags to reduce damage inside and possibly to save lives. Well my fate is shoving air bags at me right-left and center. Hmm Well its like fate is saying "I had no other option forgive me", I have done that looong time ago.Many happy and joyful moments are thrown at me now. Well my sister and brother-in-law (to be) brought a cane swing for my house, I loooovvve it, I just spend a lot of tiem on the swing. I had visits from friends, relatives outings, lunches,dinners. Its long list, but there is a change really. I dont generally have such a social life, I am loner type of person btu suddenly many people are calling me all of sudden. Hmm fates way to heal me I suppose.
I saw "Batman:The dark knight" today. Amazing movie, perfect depiction of Batman as a human being and not some exemplary extra-human force. Liked it very much. Heath ledger has played an outstanding role as the joker. Well its sad that he died and didn't live to see the acclaims that he is receiving for his work. Such mysterious deaths remind me of Neptune the planet is known to cause such events in persons life. Well when heath died Neptune was changing signs, dont know I haven't seen his chart. Anyway its good to see that Heath is not romancing Maggie Gyllenhall in Batman. It would have been weird wouldnt it? first the brother Jake then sister Maggie hahaha. Would that qualify as "incest"? Dunno OK enough I am going a little overboard with this thing. Well Heath was wonderful actor the world saw his acting powress when he was alive in Brokeback mountain and even in his death in Batman: Dark knight. May His soul rest in beatific peace.
Batman:Dark knights theatrical trailer

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