Thursday, July 31, 2008

Change in outlook

Recently a friend after reading the blog said "You are trying to portray yourself as a very emotional person which you are not. A wolf in sheep's clothing". Well I laughed it up at that time but later I thought on it. Really I am a wolf in sheep's clothing. I don't am not that caring person in real life that I make out in the blog. I am ruthless and churlish in behavior. Extremely short tempered and spew venom at suspicion of hostility.
Well on the other hand what i write is also something that feel. I am not making it appear a softie thing its really what i think. So it is also a part of me. Which one is true then
Am I wolf in sheeps clothing or sheep in wolfs?? Even I dont know. Only thing I can say is that I can write well and tend to flow away from reality when i write. So maybe i write what I aim to be in life. I want to be how i write. Dunno whether I ll ever be able to be like that but it will be a wish.
On reality side I am changing for nth time now. Again I am shedding some skin and changing stripes. I dont know why but suddenly I am becoming more naturally ruthless and unemotional.
I am losing the "guilt" that one has after you say something bad to a person. Pathetically boorish person I am metamorphosing in to slowly. I just dont care now. It may be a result of a string of recent incidences but its true, I am on my way to become a ruthless corporate person. I will fire people very nicely heheheeh. Hmm and I say i want to be emotional heheheh hypocrisy starts at home hehee. Well I have a crystal clear idea of what is causing this but I dont understand its purpose. Hmm well lets hear a song of relatively same meaning "Suddenly i see" from devil wears prada" Great song

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