Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ashlesha characteristics

well since in your first lines you mentioned you do not agree perfectly with the discription of ashlesha nakshatra, then why didnt u try to find out anything positive about it? i am really fed up with the discription of ashlesha naksharta and would like to hear something good about it.i am an ashlesha born person,and i dont think i am like what these astrological sites and books cosnider.i am highly emotional, and not at like a person who would never forgive anyone, i consider myself as a good human being though no one is perfect but i can definiely say i am kind, and loving person. to give more example, my best friend she is also an ashlesha, and she is one of the sweetest person i have ever met. i would give u my dob and time, u can test urself.
Dob 29-4-1985 time 1:45 amplace jabalpur

I received this comment to ashlesha, Well firstly I don't read charts here so you can either scrap me on orkut or paste it the community, both links can be found in my article "laughing around".
Hmm about ashlesha now. It is true that ashlesha is not all bad, but it is no saint either. Ashlesha moon is different case alogether. Well how a person will behave depends on many factors Lagna rashi,moon rashi, lagna nakshatra, moon nakshtara, major planets and their strenghts etc. So its very possible that if majority of these factors are pointing to opposite personality then ashlesha effect shall be minimum. As a general nakshatra it is certainly bad and will give effects as written. Now most logical question is "Then why write such effects if they can be cancelled by other factors?" Well if we dont then its most probable that we just cant write anything in astrology as most of things are dependent on others. Well basic rule to learn astrology is learn all individually and then integrate all. Well I cnat exactly "find" good characteristics about any nakshatra.Hmm I have met many ashlesha people and they have following good characteritics common to moon in ashlesha 1,2,3 ashlesha-4 is completely different part as its gandaant part
Patience, calmness, no-nonsense attitude, sweetness is very relative and forgiveness is not there in it, think deeply again ashlesha can never forget even she forgives. Memory is very sharp and used for many other purposes other than studies.
Hmm well any nakshatra is not bad altogether it has both sides just few nakshatra have a aggressive and a negative connotation. Some people actually like being called rude and shrewd so again everything is relative to some other thing.
Good luck to you and dont think ashlesha is all bad it is a very powerful naksahtra you should be proud you are born in such "fangy" nakshatra


Devika said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear vibhav,
This is siddharth, i am ashlesha born but in 4th pada! u have very good knowledge about a nakshatra phsycology!
u may aware about sadesati on karka rashi...its really difficult period for me nowdays, feeling heavy mental sickness and lots of other problems! why its happening! is the same thing happening with punarvasu and puhya also?? what do u think?

Sameer Lomte said...
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Sagar said...

Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. Even I was also confused either it is good or bad. So manytimes ashlesha natives get mental stress. They also lack in relationships with female, i couldn't find answer behind that. If u have any solution upon that kindly share. Many times I proud of I am ashlesha native but eventually become sad sad.

Ervira Rosiana said...

Hi Vibhav,

Maybe people considered Aslesha has bad personality because they has raksasha gana. Some believed raksasha has a demonic nature compared to other gana.
I noticed people with raksasha gana tend to be eccentric and intense doing things. But it doesn't necessarily make them do good or bad. Anyone can be a good or bad person, depending on other things. Moreover, even they're can be eccentric and intense for good things too. (Like for example, Gandhi and Yogananda were raksasha)