Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rainbow Lost

I always have visions corresponding to events in life. Had a very profound one in afternoon, very rare occurrence.
I am a meadow filled with nice grass all around waiting for someone to come. Nobody is coming and I am starting to grow uneasy. Finally over the horizon a rainbow appears. It is magnificent with its superb colours. Rainbow is one of the best creation of nature rivalled perhaps only by the Aurora Aurelius of north pole. Rainbow is clear pristine, actually it is not there but we can see it and feel the joy it gives. Rainbow in unfeigned,unguiled and unlike the "mirage" has no chicanery associated with it.
Hmm I see the rainbow and I run toward the end of horizon and start shouting,screaming, hooting, howling and neighing "Why are you so late?" I demand and answer. Rainbow smiles and says "I will come when I want, you don't own me". The sentence hit me like a thousand ice needles hurled at me. I say to rainbow "But I love you, I ll take care of you, never leave your side". Rainbow replies "I never have loved you, I liked your company but never loved you". A gloom descends over the meadow temperature drops and ice begins to form of what recently was dew. Anger, sadness,frustration all combined together I begin to think all is lost and its irrecoverable.
The human psyche is a very tough nut to crack. Like the human body, the human mind to is very adaptive and regenerative. Just when you think all is lost and depressive thoughts loom the mind, the human mind summons some of the most holiest and helpful energies to its help. These are the energies that reside in darkest corners of your mind. Pristine white in appearance these energies have to appear in case the defenses fall and the soul is left alone in debris of the palatial mansion it once inhabited. These energies escort the soul like the lampades escort the vulnerable "Hekate". Drag the crying soul away from the carnage site in to the deepest layers of subconscience where a hut is built for the soul to regenerate and recuperate. It is not the palace with towers that it once was but "Crowned monarch better than his throne". What happens if kings throne is gone the king still lives. He lives to build another palace.
hmm so I was telling about the gloom that followed but the gloom is replaced by slow sunshine as the innermost energies arrive to rescue the soul. Slowly I can see the rainbow again, rainbow is not happy either. To Rainbow i say " Don't worry rainbow I am very fine, but will you be fine??"
Rainbow doesn't say a word but tears drop from its face. I feel sad for rainbow and then like the tempest unexpected words just spurt out like prophecy on way I predict to rainbow " Rainbow will find its rainbow soon". Leaving the rainbow I walk down the meadow but now its filled with beautiful butterflies and ladybirds. The meadow gives solitude and beatitude to me. The serenity that few have expereinced. As I walk away I look back and smile at the companion that was lost in time, a rainbow that was lost forever.

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