Friday, July 4, 2008

Laughing around

Firstly I ahve to give all astro buff a link on orkut. I write about nakshatras here
so you can read about all nakshatras. I write here too but small nakshatras are written there. I am working on ashlesha going to write it soon.
Today I went to see the movie Jane tu ya na jaane na nice movie liked it. Laughter movie with sprinkle of childish romance. Speaking of childishness I was full on toady. I was acting total crazy today, I knew but who cares I like being happy and it makes me verry. I parked my bike loong from the theatre so I could just walk through the streets. I like walking through streets its so interesting so many different people to observe and see how they behave its like a classroom of psychology itself. Then I was laughing like crazy throughout the movie and even before it. Now the crowning glory: I was bored of walking back to my bike so asked my friend to drop me near it, we were going but on way I saw a buffalo and her little baby, I told my friend to go his way and when he went I turned to buffalo and watched it for some time before waltzing down to my bike. I know I am going to get teased for this but it would be less as compared to what I would have got if I did it in front of the friend. I just enjoyed it today. It was new begining for someone close and I was part of the happiness that surrounds genesis. New day has come today. Welcome the new day

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Rajeev said...

Since you are working on Aslesha nakshatra I will give you a test case.Native is a girl born on April 22,1984 , 6.54 a.m.,place is Ernakulam,Kerala.Girl has bold and don't care attitude; is dark(greenish dark);has penetrative and lusty look in eyes.Doesn't have friendly relationship with father,has poetive ability(Venus is in swakshetra in 2nd).Very talkative (some what irritating to me);has ability to influence other people esp. those of the opposite sex