Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am priest to Rahu

Yup I am totally kneeling down,completely surrendered to Rahu now. Rahu has formidably,single handedly brought about so extreme changes in my life that I just cant comprehend it now. I am talking with a person and within an hour a decision is made amicably to completely severe communication with each other. This is Rahu-rahu at work, nothing is more idiosyncrasies than this manifestation of the shadow planet. Rahu brings out the secrets when least expected. Sadak pe lata hain Rahu . It is the planet unfazed even by the brazenly fiery sun. Rahu is a boon and a very bad anathema( a very powerful,heartfelt solemn curse). I have Rahu placed in Pisces ie meen at 28degree(ie revati-4 gandaant ) in 5th place (Vrischik lagna). Revati's master mercury aspects rahu by 7th aspect and makes near conjunction with rahus better half ketu. Mercury being deeply exalted aspecting rahu has made the Rahu-Rahu dasha a roller-coaster ride for me. Every pratyantar dasha had some new things to teach. Rahu-Rahu dasha has made me take decisions which were a far possibility just minutes ago. "I ll think", "i need time to ponder" etc is not allowed in Rahu. Split second decisions are the Rahus call. Well I have gained much much more than I have lost in Rahu-Rahu so I am not sad for the dasha at all.
Even as it nears its end in Rahu-Rahu-moon it still has the potential to shake the life out of me.
Well further 16years I ll be spending under the command of Rahu, though antardasha will change but still a rahu factor will remain in background. I am very apprehensive about how these 16yrs will go now. First 2 yrs were a shock to me (both good and bad shocks). I request Rahu to calm down and take it slowly, spare me the shocks pleeeeeaaaaasssssseeee.
Embedding "Navgraha Stotram". A song written 2000yrs ago by rishi Vyas in praise of the navgrahas. Its a sice on indian tradtion please hear it completely, its an insult to planets to leave it half heard.

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