Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rain gods are distraught

Its not raining here!!!!!!! Just no rains. Farms have not even sown, rains have eluded region of maharshtra for a month now. With trategic month like july gone dry very little is expected in august. Well there is water shortage and so the municipal body has cut water supply by 20pc. Its bad situations.
Well many people are doing different things to appease the rain gods. Some of them are even marring donkeys to make it rain. Some are praying day in and day out. Yesterday it rained a little bit but it was nothing substantial.
Traditionally to summon the rain god "Varun" a raag called Malhar is sung. It is said that it can bring rains. hmm now I dont know how much truth is their especially in this arcane form of singing. Well whats harm in trying? Heres Raag Malhar. Ghan ghan mala. Its in marathi nice song

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