Friday, August 1, 2008

Living in the moment

Well I am living in the moment nowadays. I am studying and enjoying at same time. For a change I am enjoying my studies now, its better than boring program codes we were rutting in engineering syllabus. Hope to get a nice admission now. I am enjoying each every second now.
Today's eclipse had a sort of bad effect on me (I was expecting that), had a horrible headache that just wouldn't subside till late evening. I ingested 2 paracetamol tablets still it was killing me. Hmm by night I was very fine. Still I liked every second of life I am living. I consider myself very lucky to be the very few who have the knowledge and intuitive clairvoyance required to divinate and for see future. It has helped me in very unexpected way. It has helped me realised how volatile life is and so how to enjoy every bit of it to its hilt. Yes astrology has taught me to live life in every second, in every moment. It has changed the Life as i see it.
Well a beautiful song of similar meaning

Guys I ll write on fixed stars soon. I have been busy with very different studies recently so didnt get time for much contmeplation on nakshatras. Hmm btu i ll write watever that is there already. Sure my promise

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