Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ashlesha: Misconceptions and Misinterpretations

Ashlesha post got following responses

Devyani Tiwari said...
well since in your first lines you mentioned you do not agree perfectly with the discription of ashlesha nakshatra, then why didnt u try to find out anything positive about it? i am really fed up with the discription of ashlesha naksharta and would like to hear something good about it.i am an ashlesha born person,and i dont think i am like what these astrological sites and books cosnider.i am highly emotional, and not at like a person who would never forgive anyone, i consider myself as a good human being though no one is perfect but i can definiely say i am kind, and loving person. to give more example, my best friend she is also an ashlesha, and she is one of the sweetest person i have ever met. i would give u my dob and time, u can test urself.Dob 29-4-1985 time 1:45 amplace jabalpur
July 10, 2008 1:17 PM
Anonymous said...
Thats 100% true devyani, i am also Ashlesha born, from my point of view ashlesha are very emotional, too much kind, but problem is that they never forgive for example they will forgive in the sense that they will not react and take any revenge but mind that action for lifet time and change behaviour toward that person or event.
July 19, 2008 10:56 AM
das rama rao said...
I agree with the views of devyani My son's star is also Ashlesha.He is aged 28 years. I have not seen any negative aspects so far. He isvery calm from the child hood. He is not matching with the description of ashlesha.rama rao,
August 21, 2008 4:00 PM
Siddharth said...
Dear vibhav,This is siddharth, i am ashlesha born but in 4th pada! u have very good knowledge about a nakshatra phsycology! u may aware about sadesati on karka rashi...its really difficult period for me nowdays, feeling heavy mental sickness and lots of other problems! why its happening! is the same thing happening with punarvasu and puhya also?? what do u think?regardssiddharth...
August 26, 2008 8:23 PM
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So wish to clear the air on the most contraversial(hmm after Jyeshtha hehe) nakshatra of all times.
Ashlesha belongs fully to Kark(cancer). So it is but natural that the qualities of Cancer will percolate down in behavior. So all "cool" "calm" qualities are of cancer not ashlesha.
I have written before but still repeating. Many things are taken in to consideration for determining how a person behaves. Lagna rashi, lagna nakshatra many many things. But moon affects the most so moon nakshatra is important.
What I wrote was general decription on ashlesha. It has to do with astrology more than psychology.
Eg Venus is placed in ashlesha, it will certainly cause ego problems in marital life. Wife/husband will be egoistic, stubborn and unyeildingly unemotional. Moon just didnt come in to picture here.
More results from the lordship of venus can be given depending upon lagna
Moon in ashlesha characteristics>> I ll write separate charcteristics for moon in ashlesha
Moon in ashlesha people are certainly frugal and poverty striken mind. I am not saying they are poverty striken their mind is. That is inspite of having money they wont spend it on themselves.
They detest extreme luxury and love moderation and austerism.
Stubborness is inheritant charcteristic. People are very very stubborn. They may not fight and create a Hullabablaboo but wont be complaisant either. Sycophancy, servility is certainly not the nature of ashlesha. This can be a good point haan. Stark contrast to the servile punarvsu and pushya ashlesha atleast has the guts to stand up for themselves.
I hope this matches with what ashlesha people really are. I ll take care to separate general naksahtra characteritics from "moon in nakshatra" charcteritics now onwards

@Siddharth:- Yup kark is having saade sathi. All naskahtras are affect equally.Hmm pushya
is little spared from saade sati due to its very humble and downto-earth nature.
Well dont misunderstand Shani, saade sati is time for very huge changes and revelations. Its not possible to personally tell someone on blog, contact me on orkut if interested more. Remedies are there but chart needs to be read for that.
Bye all


Siddharth said...

thanks a lot vibhav for your kind consideration on my comment! all the things you said, are really true regarding nakshatra and no one can take a doubt on your knowledge...
it would be good for me to talk with you on orkut! will send you a request soon!
take care!

Devyani Tiwari said...
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Hitesh Kumar said...

hello sir i also ashlesha 3rd pad born person i am facing some mental problems fear, low self confidence, less will power, concentration, ghabrana,