Monday, August 4, 2008

Rohini:- Queen waves the cosmic sceptre


Queen of Nakshatras "Rohini". Rohini is placed completely in taurus(vrushabh). Rohini is the essence of vrushabh, Rohini astronomically is indicated by a very very very powerful star called "Aldebaran". Star is more than 1000 time the size of our sun. Having bright yellowish glow aldebaran is the most benefic of all stars matched only by "pollux" in punarvasu nakshatra. Aldebaran is seen as the "eye of taurus" in the sky the essence of the taurus bull aldebaran grants life to taurus. Also called as "Alpha Tauri" aldebaran is called "Archangel Micheal " in western astrology. Micheal is the angel of life and the star exact opposite to aldebaran ie "Antares" (in jyeshtha) is called "archangel Gabriel" angel of death.
Rohini is laxmi while jyeshtha is her elder sister Aalaxmi. Please refer to artical on jyeshtha for more info on this. I am skipping most of mythology except how the nakshtra got its name. "Rohini" means "Avrohite Rohini" ie "one who ascends". Rohini was supposed to have taken flight and reached nakshtras lok.
Hmm now to astrological considerations of Rohini. Most, most most "shubh" nakshatra of all times, rohini is the supreme ruler of nakshatras. Undisputed queen of cosmos Rohini commands many qualities. Moon is BEST in Rohini nashatra, it cannot get better than this anywhere int whole "avkhadahachakra". Moon is fully exaltated and just shines like and eternal star near aldebaran.
People born in Rohini nakshatra are very very calm cool composed. Very romantic and endeary people. They are very attractive owing to their powerful moon. They induce subtle long lasting attraction in surroundoing people. People born in Rohini always have fortuen of being "cared" for. They always have someone to take care of them. The charm of rohini makes other nakshatras yeild to them and serve them and take care of them. Rohini is very powerful to entice Chitra, swati, to some extend vishakha and most importantly the fiery Krittika. Rohini is ONLY ONLY nakshatra that can seduce the dreaded krittika and calm krittika down. Not only calm krittika rohini can also make krittika take care of itself. Krittika loves to care for and Rohini needs to be taken froming the best compatiblity in entire Rashi chakra.
Rohini gets what it wants, by hook or by crooks Rohini knows how to extract its covetation from surroundings. Rohini is stubborn, Rohini doesnt like "no" as answer. Rohini is very vain, arrogant and narcissist of its beauty, popularity and fortune.
hmm lets discuss popularity now. Rohini is subtly popular. Rohini does want attention but despises over attention. Rohini doesnt like to be center of attraction always, but misses being it when no one pays attention. Rohini is not extremely popular nakshatra. Vrushabh rashi being earthy sign rohini has a good deal of selfishness induced inside it so it doesnt agian much popularity. In popularity it is 3rd in line behind Vishakha (1st) and Swati (2nd). Point to be noted it Vishakha and to some extent Swati always are at forefront during social events and meetings. They approach new people and make new aquaintances and hence become popular. Rohini NEVER does that, people come to Rohini, even Swati is like Rohini to some extent.
Now some things about Rohini-Jyeshtha axis. 2 major power house sister stars ie Aldebaran and Antares make oppostion through Rohini and jyeshtha. So my advice to astrologers is that always see jyeshtha before predicting using rohini and vice versa.
Hmm much much more to write on Rohini but ending this artical here. IF anybody wants to know any specific thing please do write it I shall be very pleased to share my knowledge. Its quite impossible to write everything down here.


HIMANSHU said...

thnx vibhav , very usefull info abt rohini . i have venus in rohini 2nd charan and vergotammi in navmansh. how will it behave ? kanya lagna and venus in 9 th house.

Rajeev said...


I agree with your statement that Krittika natives like to take care of others and Rohini natives expect to be taken care of or attended to.

How do you think Sun fares in Rohini nakshatra(For me it is 8th lord from lagna 7th from Rasi and Vargottam in Rohini).

Also what happened to your promised write up about Uttarabhadra nakshatra.

Vibhav said...

Ohh I forgot abotu uttara bhadrapada hehe sorry will write it tomorrow sure. PROMISE this time wont break it.
About personal placements of planets. Its better if you scrap me on orkut. Its difficult to predict here. Thanks bye