Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Unusual as usual :)

Firstly I have something for astro buffs. Here is the link where I have written about Revati-Ashwini gandaant. Actually I was bored to copy-paste it again here plus the fault of redundancy must linger on me so just pasting the link
Do read it and give feed backs either here or on orkut.

So whats unusual as usual?? Its me hehehe yup I did another unusual thing today I dragged my "not-so enthusiastic" friend(He even attempted to run away) to eat "roadside" food. Now many people will go "whats unusual about it"(people are so rude) well here it all. It was really really roadside, in every sense of the term. There was even a fully functional Indian(read dug up) road there, no chairs to sit on!!! So where did we sit?? On road eheheheh. Yup we sat on footpath.
I had this plan to eat road side "Chinees"(Way it was written on stall) food. Well I always come up with really crazy ideas(This is one of the sane one imagine the insane ones). So just went walking to road side stalls and ate it. It was delicious even my early reluctant friend said that he will come again. I like doing different stuff very much, the hackneyed and triteness of life takes its toll on me and I do very unusual stuff. Loved an evening by roadside "Chinees". Goodnight

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