Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Changes rule now

Well I am undergoing another round of changes, you can say a thought changing process or something big thing like that. I am getting more and more goal oriented now. Earlier I was last person to be goal oriented and "planning for future" kind of person. Now suddenly after 21years I am planning what I ll be doing year ahead!!!!!!! Don't know what it is but I am making huge plans!!! Earlier I just didn't care what is happened and lived in moment and found happiness in every second. Now its whooooom gone. Perhaps I am "growing up" Whoa its scary. Dunno if I want to grow up heheheeh. I guess everyone goes through such phases. Some early some late bloom (like me). Hmm accompanied by this "new" found knowledge I am also growing more and more unattached to everything that was very dear to me. Guess I am prepared to enter the corporate world hehehe. Ruthless backstabber and cruel job snatcher in the making.
Yes that's what i am going to become one day, I see it in my chart clearly. Rahu is taking me to pre determined destination. All the softy and emotional stuff is going to drop away like a space shuttle loses its useless pieces on way. As I transit from the dasha of "planet in 5th" to dasha of "lord of 5th" Together these two are going to give me a "make over". I am writing this down now so I can read it some time later and recall my earlier self. Rahu sheds skin to don a more sinister one.
Well I found a very nice touching song on net today. From a movie called "Gardish" released in 1993. Very different song, I love to collect loong-lost songs. Enjoy the philosophical lyrics

Arzoo humne ki toh hum paye,Arzoo humne ki toh hum paye
Roshini saath laye thi saayein; sayein gehere the rohni halki
Hum na samjhe baat itni si.....................
What lyrics!! Great.

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