Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am learning a lot these days, its incredible thing going on. What I see is not anything new, it has been going on for quite a time now but I never saw any "knowledge" in it. Day by day I am turning more more into a fortunist(A person who believes that life events are completely independent of persons actions). I remember a quote my teacher did, my astrologer teacher is a 79yr old man who has seen many unbelievable faces of life He once said
" I no longer feel anything, everything has a divine reason and hence is carried out. There is no point we wasting our energy on the events that we just cannot control"
He further explained it further saying that if now a person were to behave badly with him he doesn't feel bad at all, because the offender is not to be blamed at all his planets are to be blamed.
Isn't this a sort of sainthood, beatific canonized things?? I am not(and will never) reach such stages but the quote made me think on it.
Is absolutely everything ruled by Fortune?? Are we just the means to express it. Are all our actions the result of fate?? I am still not very favourable in this "total fortune" kind of argument.
I still have quatumable faith in "human efforts". Is this because I have not seen the entire thing?? Will I turn into my teacher when i turn 79(yup I ll live beyond 85 even 90 i guess). Well only time holds answers in its fast grip.
The reason for this sudden thought was the persistence shown by friend in doing what is clearly going to cause him a lot of pain and humiliation. I have told him uncountable times that the way is not right but he is insisting on it. What is this? Fate else what?? The condition has clouded his mind making him take decisions that are not good. I have stopped trying now. Will I have to give up on many occasions now?? Will it become a habit to leave people to their fates rather then helping them have a better future?? Such clairvoyant knowledge is surely "burden" in many forms. To foresee a close persons suffering and not managing to stop it is the worst curse knowledge can impose on a person.
Well its not all pessimistic on my side at least. I believe (atleast now) that the human spirit has powers hidden that can certainly "attenuate" future if not change drastically.
Hmm a song that has a very nice meaning. From movie Baazi(1950) heres Geeta Bali singing for herself
Tabdeer(hard efforts) se bigdi hui taqdeer bana de;
Apne pe bharosa hain to dawn laga le.

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HIMSHH said...

vibhav , i understand ur feeling , but as ur teacher says is right. my guru also says the same , he is not disturbed now by behavioure of any person let it be gud or bad one. he says that after learning astrology he is never surprised. its all fate pre written. no doubt " karma" or efforts of current life has more importance, but dont forget many times we want to do something knowing thats right thing to do and still we dont do it . and thats fate ........