Friday, August 8, 2008

Uttara Bhadrapada

Well had a very hectic day(had a pooja at home will write about it tomorrow). Keeping my promise and writing it finally. The much awaited Uttara bhadrapada.

Uttara Bhadrapada is not distinguishable from rest of Pisces astronomically. It does not have any fixed powerful star or any landmark to make it visible as different nakshatra. This quality has been incorporated in its astrological profile too.
Uttara Bhadrapada(UB) is the nakshatra of humbleness, kindness and humility. Saturn trio of nakshatras Pushya-Anuradha-UB UB is last and most "grown up" of all three. UB is the nakshatra that is the extreme righteousness of Saturn. It is very "shubh" nakshatra and is considered the essence of Pisces.
Moon in UB people are very simple down-to-earth people. They are very easy people. Simple, emotional, family oriented,narrow minded people. They live life in its most mundane form.
Extremely religious and god fearing people.
Well basically there is not much to write about UB. It doesnt give nay out-of-ordinary result with any planet. It is sort of mild and not flamboyant nakshatra that has no bad things for all.
Haan UB and mercury thing. Mercury in meen is neech, it is particularly bad in UB. It is the most bad state mercury cna get in. Mercury is very young and vivacious planet but just cannot stay with an old and knowledgeable nakshatra like UB. That is only place where UB assumes importance.


himshh said...

thnx , waiting for more on nakshtra. and vibhav i m eagarly waiting for ur analysis on my venus in rohini and vergotammi, i had scraped my full details in yr orkut.........

Anonymous said...

sir my mercury is in uttara bhadrapada and in meen rashi things have been going up and down in my moon is in revati nakshatra and also in meen rashi.Ascendant or lagna is Scorpio/Vrischika.Please advise me my mail address is