Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well sorry for absence I was out of station and so couldnt get enough time to write. I had a very good time there though loved my outing. Hmm my competitive exam is coming near I need to study for it too so will be quite busy till mid sept after that i will be back to daily posts.
I was going through some posts that i posted in aprila nd may. It felt good it felt as if I wa sback then, hmm I made a mental not ethen "write regularily" because you can feel nice when you read it later on.
Well my sisters wedding is coming up and I am very busy with that too. Shopping is major wedding business. To add to that my sister asks my opinion on every thing. Right from gold to footwear so I have to be for her each time. Still its quite nice time. Result is coming up followed by my exam so its quite hectic september I ll have. I even have a birthday coming up on 23rd of september. I ll turn 22 on 23rd. Great na I am there for 22 whole years heheeh. Hmm Also I have my astro exam on 5th,12th,19th october so thats another thing to look after. I ll appear for my first year, so taking admission for second year of "Jyotish-visharadh" is another task I have. Lots of things to do and yet lots of time at hands. Its a pleasant situationI would liek to freeze in time in form of this post so writting it down one by one. Further also the blog sort of lost its personal touch so trying to reinvent it.
Well I was hearing soem very old songs today afternoon, its quite relaxing experience to just lie down with your i-pod and listen to songs and sleep in between-hear in between. Its very nice unique expereince, I looooooooovee it very much.
Haan the point as I was hearing the following song. Its from a movie released in jan-feb 1947 called "Anmol ghadi" it has Noojehan in lead. Noorjehan like quite a few yesteryears actors was a very good singer and gave her own playback. Heres Noorjehan singing "Jawan hain mohobbat"

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