Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fear?? Do we fear fear??

Hmm question is right do we fear things/situations or do we fear our "fear" itself. Now It may sound very foolish and naive to as such ridiculous questions. Hmm I think its not "fear" we are afraid of but the actual thing that is fearful hahahaha yup. Hmm i fooled all who thought that I would launch into a tirade of philosophy on "fear"
Well on fear lets hear a song haan. Hear and watch it carefully its not what it seems. Its got a "fearful" twist in it. And haan do tell me how you felt at the end of it. I was laughing my wits out.
Please hear it fully ie dont push the red bar hear it all, its best done that way. Shania twain is jus outside thing secrets lie inside. heheeh. Do tell bye

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