Monday, August 11, 2008

News Channels need psychiatrists

Indian new media is totally going mad. Its almost stupid, moronic and sometimes balantly insipid. The fore most channel in this is "Aaaj Tak" its the most flagrant flamboyant and downright churlish. I have a dubious eye for every news shown on AAj Tak. Its simply lost the intellectual boundary. I have like a 100 examples to tell but I am quoting some of the choicest
Gems real gems nothing else

1) Hmm "special report" was being shown on Aaj tak with a anchor who looked like she just had ultra intensive chemotherapy and would loose teeth right in the show itself.
A Buffalo was being shown on screen, with its owner and with BIG red font it was written beneath it
"Dhoni is bhais ka doodh peete hain" Dhoni (MS Dhoni is cricketer) drinks the milk of this Buffalo. The metally retarded reporter was asing the buffalo owner "Aake bhais ka doodh dhoni peeta hain, aapko kaisa lagta hain???"> How do you feel about Dhoni drinking milk of your Buffalo. Huh??? Whats he going to feel for GODS sake its his job to milk his Buffalo and distribute milk. Pigeon brained idiots at Aaj tak

2) Headline>> "Model ko Kutte ne Kata" Model was bitten by a dog
When we expect some famous model to be shown what do we get?? A fat huge lady (model huh?? What does she model? Extra large size clothes??) she was bitten by dog. Go get a Rabies injection or you would be the one biting people!!!!!!! Idiots

3) This is the best one >> headline>> "Ravan ki mummy mili"
Ravan was mummified?? Idiots just dont understand anything about any subject

There are many others will keep you people updated. Haan and their speciality Astrology
When shani went Vakri they were showing an animation Saturn goes around in its normal orbit, then like a person applying brakes comes to halt and puts on reverse gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the limit no planet goes behind in its orbit. Didnt these people learn basic science in school or were they educated in some shoddy hamlet in interior regions of chambal or something??
Also when Saturn conjuncted wit mars they were claling that day "death day" and god knows what not. Actually conjunctions give results a day or two before actually conjuncting. And even if it were so there is no need to frighten people with such gory descriptions.
Also recently they were going on a mindless idiotic propaganda about "danger date" 8/08/2008
is saturn's number and it is dangerous and what not. Nothing happened now they are silent about it. Perhaps they should write " Aaj tak ka baval such nahi hua!!!!!"

In this stupid one the woman (she is the one who looks like jus got cancer treatment) is calling "karan johar" "handsome" UUhh do I live in another world??? Surprisingly youtube doesnt have much aajtak gossip i ll try some other sites and post vids. Bye

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