Thursday, August 14, 2008

India turns a ripe 61yrs

India celebrates her 61st birthday tomorrow. On 15th august of 1947 India became a free nation. A democracy was created out of imperialistic colony, a new Sovereign was born, a star was born. I am very sure that in 1947 nobody had expected this nation would last so many years. Especially when the sister nation of pakistan waged so many direct (and many indirect ones) against the young nation. Well karma has given the right results for both the nations.
India is land where religion and philosophy have attained their culminating points, land where language and food changes every few kilometers. Land of contradiction, land of nature worship, land of a thousand gods and goddessses.
On her 61st birthday I salute the land that has raised me, given me many gifts intellectual and physical both. Salute India by her national anthem Jana gana mana..........

Heres Indias National song "vande mataram" in its original tune. I had to find this tune amidst screaming by A R rehman and company. Such beautiful tune and people find the screaming more appealing. Here pure unadulterated "vande mataram"

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