Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cunning,manipulative and treacherous

Well writing in ascending order CunningnessManipulation Downright treachery.
Today's blog will deal with all such stages of behavior and its association with nakshatras.
Cunning Nakshtras:-
1) Bharani:- Bad side of venus Bharani is the wealth greedy. Bharani is fond of money and worldly pleasures. The need to secure wealth gives an in built characteristic of cunning behavior. Bharani is what is called Dhoort in hindi/marathi. Bharani is quintessential marvari
on the block.
2) Ardra:- Ruled by the lord of cunningness himself, Ardra is the the epitome of Rahu's inheritant cunningness. Extremely canny nakshtra, nothing escapes the senses of Ardra.
Very good at theorising and postulating Ardra is the perfect detective.
These nakshtras are cunning,selfish,business oriented but not manipulative. They do not exert power over other people unlike the next lot.
The manipulators
1)Krittika:- Supreme queen of manipulation, krittika is the Amazon with ambrosia. Krittika use respect,reverence,coaxing,cajoling,fear and downright threat to get their job done. Moon in an emotional sign and exalted give them deep understanding of emotions. They exploit this to their fullest advantage. Twisting turning and moulding others so that they fit the bill. Extremely stubborn, hot headed,self respecting, krittika aggrandizes rather apotheosizes him/her self.
Worst manipulator of all Krittika is the deity of using people to own benefit. One of the most difficult nakshatra to manipulate too, no one can manipulate a krittika person.

2)Vishakha:- The serpent spits poison in Vishakha. The Uranus influenced nakshatra is manipulative but in different sense. Vishakha policy is "I am best,whatever i think is right". This is the base of manipulation Vishakha carries out. It is extremely extremely stubborn nakshtra. Vishakha uses charm and coaxing to manipulate people. This is the downside to vishakha it is a stealth killer, it is slow poison. Comparing Krittika and Vishakha is like comparing Cyanide with Arsenic. Both are deadly but cyanide is quick to react arsenic takes time. Vishakha vishkanya is the mohini,enchantress who used the emotions to get work done.
Vishakha is also quite difficult to manipulate. Vishakha's weakness lies in fact that they are not that well versed in emotional matters. A powerful moon grants krittika the advantage so Vishakha has its nemesis in Krittika. But individually both are equally potent manipulators.
Now we move on to the treacherous ones.
1)Ashlesha:- Nakshatra is indication of snake, much lies here. Nakshatra is quite prone to treachery. Simply cheat swindle and bungle people. Nakshatra being in moving cancer saves grace and so it is not the greatest feign er of all but certainly is one of the worst buccaneers in Avkhadahchakra
2)Jyeshtha:- Queen of chicanery,bucaneery and artifice Jyeshtha rules supreme over all other nakshtras when it comes to treachery. Full of feign,artificial emotions and drama the Raakshas nakshatra is the worst for cheating,swindling,bungling etc. Very jealous tendency prevails as well. Moon is extremely delibated in jyeshtha making it opposite to krittika/rohini. People are devoid of emotions and are very calculative in almost all matters. They never experience true pure emotion of love. Jyeshtha is the villianess of Avkhadahchakra.


himshh said...

thnx vibhav, very usefull info, waiting for more as its very helpfull.

Siddharth said...

nice post vibhav,

I belongs to ashlesha nakshtra and doing a lots of research about this nakshatra, would like to know more about it!
thanks & regards

masquerade said...

wow very nice info. It would be fabulous if you posted nakshatras with 'noble' qualities (gentleness, royalty, bravery, kindness) etc.

Anu said...

I dont agree with the desciption of Jyestha nakshatra.. sorry to say but I being born in Jyestha charan 3 hardly any characteristics as mentioned by you matches mine. I hope you take this comment in positive sense :) no hard feelings for anyone :)

Anonymous said...

this is an incredibly good post, my only observation is that people I know well have the qualities you mention in their MANNER of operation.

However, moon nakshatra alone does not indicate the intention behind the style of action. Whether the characteristics are put to good or bad use depends entirely on the level of spiritual evolution, though obviously some nakshatras are much more often found in mean people than good-hearted people.

I've seen very high krittikas who are selfless and use the manipulative insights for performing dharmic work with great determination, have also seen very low krittikas who have a huge eventual downfall because their intentions were not rooted in wisdom in the beginning.

Overall, I'm really glad to see this categorization, it is true on a visible level with many people I know though the yogas in the chart are super-important to know whether a person is fundamentally good or evil hearted.

Anonymous said...