Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Winding up present

Last few posts I mentioned how I was changing, yesterday I was convinced that it is for good, nay for BEST. I guess the planets are preparing me for the journey ahead. My being quiet, calm, cold and calculative will help me further when I pursue my dreams ahead.
Well what happened? Few days ago I saw a new word a verb "to defriend" it is soon to be added into English dictionary I am using it a tad bit earlier. So I defriended a very good friend of mine. The metaphorical action of removing the person profile from social networking site. In my case orkut. Now if I had been old me. I would have put the cursor on the "remove" button and thought for half an hour and then wouldn't have pushed it. But new me, in minutes I removed him further went to gtalk and blocked him too :O.
Such behavior is totally new to even me and to add to surprise after I kicked him out I went out with another friend and are ice cream :O :O. There I was all okay. I wont say happy but quite close hmm "blissful" would be more appropriate word. Bliss full as in free from thoughts of what i just did. This "defriend" is the person I mentioned in the many of my posts and recently he hooked up with a girl. Well suddenly his behavior changed and blah blah blah...we all know story how how people change when they get girlfriends. Point is this change is not because of her, I know her and she didn't do anything to make him behave with this highhandedness. Its self decided behavior. Anyway yesterday he showed arrogance of the highest kind. So out he went..
This bring us to end of a story. Slowly slowly major parts of my life are winding up to their ends.
I am not doing anything particular but the events are unfolding likewise. People are leaving my life and the I am being excused from theirs. Slowly I am loosing the baggage i had with me baggage of presence and past. In this way planets are conspiring to make me "fit" for the future.
This attitude will surely help me in future. I don't know whether I "grew" up but if Jupiter indeed "grew" me up, he did a good job with me.
Saturn turns straight on 17th May. This planet will then make a very fast run for the exit of sinha sign. Saturn winds up his stay in sinha, making my past and present clear the way for future. Next Jupiter will turn retro in august going back into makar making the perfect combination where I move beyond the present making it the past.
A past that began by itself and ended by itself. Then only thing that will remain are memories of how I befriended someone and how I defriended him. Cause one thing planets cant affect is memories.......Goodbye past and bye bye present...

Song that I like very much. I particularily didnt paste the video(though that is very good too). Just wanted to hear the song. I dont know what it signifies to people. To me it signifies the start, a new dawn that stabs the night to death.....

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