Sunday, May 17, 2009

A summer night through the city

I had THE THE THE most enjoyable day ever today. Therefore I had to write it down, I would like to capture such moments in time capsules which I can see and smile later.

The day was not something that was out of ordinary. It was fun but I have such fun many times these days so that was not something different. The different was the evening and night. I was to meet a friend for a evening snack(that replaced dinner). So he came to pick me up and we went to the place and ate. So far everything ordinary...then all of sudden he said that we should go for a drive in city. Then we had the blast, it was wonderful...
Well summers in Pune are quite rough and temperatures soaring very high. But that is in day, as the sun sets on western dusty horizon winds blow in Pune, as the sun disappears the winds grow cooler and cooler and in the night cool winds blow throughout the city. By 9 o'clock whole of Pune is enveloped in the cool dusty winds which are the best feature of the otherwise horrible summer. Driving through the city at such a time is a experience in itself. Traffic ceases its chaotic roar by 9 pm and silence begins to spread along the roads. Especially the less frequented roads are very deserted by 10pm and give way to the free winds to dance their lovely dance.
Well we choose a rather less traffic road and went on a slow cruising along the road. Not too fast not boringly slow at a speed where we can enjoy the winds but not get choked by it.
I absolutely love the feel of somewhat cool and refreshing wind in the face. It makes your cheeks cold and when you touch your touch your face you realise that you have become cool :). That's the best part, further I don't have long hair to be troubled by what happens to it in the wind. had a blast in the night air in city. Only one thing twitched my mind, I should be in such a situation with the person I love(though friends are very good company they don't replace love its supplementary not complimentary). These days as Venus travels martian sign I am experiencing many different things well one thing is the outcome. I cry constantly that I don't have love in life, do I actually want one?
Anyway lets not spoil this wonderful post by talking about this now. This night let it be the night that blew wind in the face...for ever..and for ever..
Song from 16th December "Dil mera ek tara"...I am as awara as my dil :D if not more heheh

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