Friday, May 22, 2009

Mayflower blooms in time

May is on its way to closure. I hate this time, May ending is by default the end of fun in my mind. Well as a child that was case for 10-12 years but now its not so still I feel sad when may comes to a starling end. This year, May was different than it was for last 16 years or so that i remember. This may was insignificant it held nothing much fun. Still I cant help feeling the tinge that its coming to an end. I love all things may signifies, the freedom, the no work, the tans in the sun, the mangoes all... Lovely sun riped mangoes yummy. I even love the electricity failures that occur in night forcing me to sit in dark in terrace or in window. Well we have an inverter now still I don't switch on light when we have a failure. It is a very nice feeling to be in dark away from the thousands of prying judgmental and marking eyes of the world. It feels safe not to be judged always, not to be marked out of 10 and not to be be worried that you didn't score a 9. It feels very different. It feels a lot different to be alone in dark.
Love all the things that May offers each year. May the season when sun shines the most, May the season when we feel free without any reason, when we laugh at each others weird tans, may the season when we enjoy the wind in night, may the season when minds bloom into happiness and freedom.

May the month when like a person sitting alone in dark, Mayflowers bloom alone in their beautiful glory but alone in surrounding dryness..

May the month....

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