Sunday, May 31, 2009

Crossing the stream

May ends and with it I lay to rest many ghosts of past. Many stories in my life are either finished or drawing themselves to dramatic endings. I always wonder the way of fate, it just makes way for everything. Things just fall in in right places, places are made for things to fall in. An effortless way of fate to meet all the requirements. What seems utterly impossible turn into blaring realities. One move by planets and the entire background on your life is situated turns around and reveals a new colour to which you are supposed to adjust.
There is a very old song by ABBA called "I have a dream" in which a line goes "When I know the time is right for me, I cross the stream". I am feeling the same way. Its time to cross the stream.
Thanks to Dasha change I have a very new outlook to life and a very cool, stable approach to life.
Now I guess I am ready to cross the "symbolic" stream.
There are number of things which bind me to this shore of streams..thought most of them are finding way to end association. Really things are really fixing themselves, people making their own exits. I will be hard just to pack up and leave for ever, but I have no choice. I have to follow my fate and that signals me to leave now.
As far as people I am leaving on this shore then it will be difficult for them. Mainly my family will be affected much. I don't have any prominent friends. I had a very good friend but I am not on talking terms with him since a months now, that's a closed story. I think I ll meet him once before I leave, don't know lets see when "bye bye" time comes. Another friend is like me leaving so that's his own fate and story. So mainly family that will miss me, but its a temporary thing, they will get over my absence soon. Time doesn't stagnate and doesn't let anyone stagnate. Changes are eternal and only death can rescue you from changes..
So in June I finally step ahead to cross the stream. Bye bye comfortable May..hope to see you once again in life.
Same song "I have a dream" by ABBA

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