Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stability all the way

By that I don't mean stability in life and materialistic things. By that I mean a stability of mind and behavior. Yesterday night I made a huge mistake, of accepting apology. Accepting apologies is the way cookie crumbles actually but sometime the validity and veracity of the apology is under severe judgemental microscope. In such times a wrong decision harm the apology acceptor more than giver.
I even realised confession doesn't usually lead to turning things all right, well anyway whatever might happen confession lessens the burden off the head. I did confess a few things which turned the situation a lot worse but I just don't care about that.Usually normally I would have thought and wasted a lot of my time on my part in the worsening. New me?? nopes, that's the last thing on my mind now.
Today is Shani Jayanti, the amavasya in krittika nakshatra(my nakshatra). This amavasya is usually horrible for me till last year I just avoided doing anything on this day. Today is different, I know something bad will happen still I am going to go out and carry out my predetermined things. Whats the worse that can shani throw at me? I am prepared for all.....
I love my new me, and love the new found gift of stability.....
A lovely song telling the essence of life. Life is too short to waste on bad people, you ll encounter them always in life, best way to deal with them is to move on. Forget what happened and move ahead to embrace the new sun that's to come on the horizon..
Its best to wash the bloodshed that night did rather than to cry over that. Crying does nothing, washing cleans the mind and prepares it to smile when the new Sun rises on the horizon...prepares to smile as a new day comes....:)

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