Friday, April 10, 2009

Angels,Demons...or just FATE??

I was thinking about writing this for quite a long time but like all things my incredibly lazy attribute has procrastinates it like anything. What I want to write is a bit weird, it is bit paranormal. I somehow feel like I have something in life which puts a cushion in between me and hardships. Well this has happened so many times that it has lost the typical "coincidence" explanation right. It just cannot be explained.
I ll divulge more details here now. Actually examples would make it easy. I am very sad these days due to some universities rejecting my application. Still every time I get a tad bit more sad something comes up. Something that just lifts my mood up like a wind lifting a fallen bird feather.
Its like I never make any major decisions in my life, they are just made automatically for me and almost every sad thing has a reason which surfaces later.
Example:- The choice to learn astrology was not mine. I never set out of house to become an astrologer. My mother heard about the astro class and wanted to join it. So she sent me to collect forms for her. The result, she never attended that rather I went in astrology. It is very weird that a subject I have so so so much interest is just "happen" to be put on my plate when I had the least palette for it. Is a person destined to become someone/be somewhere/do something which he/she cannot avoid?
There are many more situations which bear witness to "fate" at work. Second most blaring is German. I just joined German for "Time pass" because one of my friend joined it. Later he dropped out and I am near the completion of my second level. Again last week after I got a major rejection I was very sad and down and wanted to meet an astrology acquaintance but she didn't have time. Later as the week progressed I became more and more blue and all of sudden she calls me and invites me over. There again she showed me in so many ways the occurrence that I am just convinced. That totally removed my sorrow and induced a new vigour in me to work ahead.
Long time ago when I was 12 my grandmother used to tell me that I am a reincarnation of her father-in-law who died a very long time ago. I was like "ohohoho" and that would be made a joke into. Last Saturday when a very knowledgeable jyotish told me the same thing then my ears went up like a rabbit. I have long heard of ancestors helping family members and jyotish is filled with such fables. But when something unfathomable happens it calls for the mind to look to more alternatives other than plain old "coincidence". There are just too too many coincidences.
So what is it? Angels? Demons? Ancestors? Fate? or even the thought just slipped into my mind
I don't know, but one day I will, that may be the day I die but one day I sure will.
Song from Jewel thief I like it very much..though not related to this talk..

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Disha said...

Looks like life is taking u to a definate direction & maybe u have a purpose to fulfill in ur life & life is leading u up to it. Cherish tat cushion of urs. Anyway ur blog is very interesting & u have a way with words. Hope u wud write more abt astrology & ur experiences relating to it as a learner.