Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Are people really snakes??

Alexander the great, the great conqueror of unknown lands received a very important lesson from his mother Olympia. Olympia was Greek and indulged in pagan religious activities. She has many a kind of snakes with her. Young Alexander was but natural afraid of them. Historians quote Olympia teaching Alexander:-

"There is nothing to fear about snakes, snakes like our touch. They feed on our affinity, they absorb our love and make our hands cold. They like the care and comfort we give them and relish our help and our good wishes....
Snakes are like people, you can spend a lifetime caring for one but in the end he will turn around and bite back injecting death in return for affinity. "

The more earlier one realises this better it is because at least we can stop caring for snakes.........
I guess 22 is not a bad age to realise is it? Well like many other things I have realised this late. Whats done is done...but no more snakes now

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