Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ethics of Astrology

Few days ago a person asked me about a chart. It was not his, someone elses. Asking about it he asked when will the person die? I was taken aback. The chart clearly showed a horribly placed lagnesh plus 8th place had no consoliditary planet. So am I supposed to tell him that person will die early? What do ethics of astrology tell? Is the relevance to rules laid down 2000 years ago intact?
Well if you decide "not to predict death", will it be a cheating? I mean for professionals people pay them, at this stage witholding important information like this, isnt this cheating? Right now I have the excuse of "I am learning", I mean if I predict to someone an early death, and then learn something new then? Am I supposed to "revise" his death timing or what? Isnt this very close to godliness? When you "revise" a persons death time. So death predictions are out of question for me. Still I have been taught how to check out age and life expectancy so some yogs cannot miss the eye. As one learns Jyotish eyes are trained to spot the "knot". At such times I have to lie and not tell correctly what I saw.
My Astrology teacher(He is quite aged about 78) talked candidly with us. He told how these "lies" and manipulations can affect the Jyotish's life itself. He said it creates a "burden of knowledge", knowledge when witheld is a burden for the witholder. Such knowledge cripples mental peace and calmness of person.
Right now I may be safe behind the "learner" tag, but some day it will be gone. Then what am I going to do? Tell truth to save myself the "burden" or witheld the truth for sake of "ethics"?

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