Saturday, March 28, 2009

My kind of Day

Today really I had something called "my kind of day". A day filled with weird uncertainty yet ending with fun and good time in all. These kinds of days are the ones which I love the most.
Early morning I got call from a friend in German class, she wanted to do Hausaufgabe(Homework) together. I really liked that idea since I rarely do it in first place. She fixed afternoon as meeting time. Sensing I had time in evening I called up my couple friends and fixed an appointment to meet them. My German friend also is a friend of couple so it was 4 of us.
In afternoon the place is not decided we meet at general place. There she came up with a weird idea of doing homework on a HILLTOP. Yeah that too in blazing heat of 4' o clock. So much so that I write it negatively the real truth is I like weird ideas to the core. Its just refreshing and downright fun, I love it. So off we go on hill to do homework. We actually started doing it, then got bored and started skipping it heheh in no time we had either finished or finished skipping all of the homework heheheh.
Then came down and met the couple. I was meeting the gf in that for first time. By reactions of others I suppose she was not herself today. Anyway I don't make opinions and biases in single meetings. We ll meet again over times and then I ll get to form one. We ate and talked and talked about jyotish too. That actually improves the conversation a lot otherwise it was leaning to boredom a lot. The parting note was quite the bard famously said "Alls well that ends well". Shakespeare is god for me heheh.
Then got a late night(not that late actually) by the friend(the bf) in the couple. We talked about how we found the day and etc etc. Then schluss.....I am sitting here now.
It is these kinds of days that I earn for. These days that make a person feel his inner joy and enjoy the very existence of living. After all that's what really matters.......
If you love to live as you are, you got to know you are living a good life. I think right now this second frozen in time I am. I may or may not in future, but this bubble will always make me realise that I have had it. It is both therapeutic and consoling, this is what I am thinking as the "The my kind of day" passes by to become a part of memory attached to many people places and actions. Passes to become a part of few things that make you smile when remembered.

This is song for myself, I like it very much and I dont care if anybody doesnt hehehe
Atleast not today...

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