Monday, October 27, 2008

Unique blood relations

First of all a very happy diwali to all readers. May lord jupiter bless all with their minds desires this diwali and coming year.
My sisters wedding is now just a month from now. A lot is happening in the background as a prelude to actual wedding. Many people are inviting us for meals. Its a tradition in our society that relatives invite the people who are going to have major functions in their house. So lots of invites are there and we are balancing time to meet all of them.
So we went for lunch to a little lesser known relative. I mean they are not very close relatives. A few years ago we used to live nearby but now there is little contact since nearly 8 years. A major part of this lunch invite was the insistence by the elders of family. Senior citizens in our family are very much excited about this wedding as this wedding marks the first wedding of third generation in family. Our family has been blessed by longitivity so many old people are still around and quite healthy and strong.
Its a biological rule "reproductive success can be declared when progeny begets progeny". So biologically you are successful when you have grand children. When grand children get married its more success biologically I suppose. So all old people are very happy and quite excited at the prospects of a third generation wedding in family.
So I was talking of lunch we had. It was such a nice time. I didnt even realise I am meeting these people after like a year or so. They were genuinely happy to have us(I can spot insincerity) for lunch. Well to add to it lunch was delicious, great taste for food. This got me thinking that is really "blood thicker than water??". Do relations transcend the barriers of time and ego? I am not that thinker on such matters but now I am realising that whatever happens family(extended also) stick together. I hav emany friends who give no or very little attnetion to family. Even I have done it sometime but incidences like this prove that how many friends you have you got to have a relations with family.
Really genes tend to attract other genes..............blood is thicker than water......or for that matter even water that has salt :)
Cyu all later will write more now with nearly all my exams over

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