Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Adios Rahu :)

Still I am ill, this sucks big time. Bored of pills and horrible palette I am waiting to get upright very soon. Writing this to say farewell to Rahu. After finally 2 long years Rahu-rahu is ending and Rahu-Guru starting.
Rahu-Rahu started when the picture was completely different, Rahu has changed the picture by leaps and bounds everything has changed now after its tenure. Most remarkable is the gain of immense knowledge that was possible in Rahu. Both practical and empirical Rahu has surely made me much much wiser than all dasha till now combined. Every one has a few "decisive" years of life where they get the "aim" of life, get the inspiration to move towards the aim. Rahu has given it to me. These 2 years have been a roller coaster of ups and downs I saw loyal turning in to traitors and traitors swearing by loyalty. Rahu made me the person I was meant to be.
Person who started Rahu-rahu was a naive slightly blithe person after 2 long years the metamorphosis Rahu leaves behind is of a person who is far from naive,capable of games very few can comprehend. Hardships and frustrations may seem troublesome and cumbersome but they are biggest boons for us cause from these obstacles rises the sweetest of nectar the knowledge needed to tackle them.
Advice to all who always go on crying that Rahu dasha is bad. Rahu is not bad it is the perfect judge of your actions, all right actions are rewarded and all wrong are punished. Rahu is the judge unparalleled.
I bid farewell to extreme Rahu, bye bye Rahu master of Idiosyncrasies.
A song I was hearing just before wrote this enjoy "Ek din ...."

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Anonymous said...

Rahu, well people only scream that its bad because it takes you to crazy heights and then slams you down to the depths of despair as it leaves. And as it leaves, it mocks you saying "You are smarter now aren't you? Sadder but wiser!" :D.

Thats why Rahu is also called the dissolver of illusions.

My Rahu mahadasha came at a most inopportune time.. i.e during my crucial shcool going and career forming years. Well i have a genius level IQ but I just refused to study. it is only after Rahu thoroughly rinsed me off my pride, that i was actually able to think about forming a career... yeah at a time when most of my friends were actually well settled in cushy jobs. But I am still thankful for the calmer person Rahu mahadasha left me.